Have A Question About Abortion?

We get it. Abortion is a difficult subject to talk about. Many have personal experiences to process. Some have questions that need to be answered right now. Others just want to find the truth, without shouting or judgement.  

This is your opportunity to ask any question you have about abortion, in a safe space. And while we believe abortion should be illegal and unthinkable, we didn’t always. Along the way, someone answered questions for us.

And we want to do the same for you. 

We promise to always give you honest and respectful answers. 

And never judgement.


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Click on the chat button on the bottom right of your screen to be connected with at Students for Life team member immediately. We are available M-F from 8AM to 10PM EST to answer any abortion-related questions you have. You can even leave a question after hours, and we will respond as soon as we get back online.

You can click on the chat button on the bottom right of your screen.




We exist to abolish abortion, making it illegal an unthinkable, in our lifetime. We will achieve this by converting, training, and mobilizing those most targeted by the abortion industry.

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Seriously, ask us anything about abortion like how abortions are committed, how abortion affects women, why people are against abortion, the what ifs, where a pregnant mother can find practical help, etc.